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Magnerama : Anagrammes fléchés thématiques - Anglais / English anagram crosswords

Ces mots fléchés anagramme sont été composés à partir d'un dictionnaire comprenant les 15 000 mots les plus courants de la langue anglaise. Etudiants, amateurs, testez et pratiquez votre anglais grâce à ces grilles.

For english speaking readers

Anagram crossword puzzle is letter game based on common logic. Each answer is an anagram of its clue (or, at least, the letters of the word sorted alphabeticaly).

In this northern European style crossword grid, the answer to each clue must follow the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrow in the clue

The easiest solving method is achieved by starting with short words (2 to 4 letters long) as their corresponding anagrams are simpler to guess (i.e.: "ON" for "NO" or "EAT" for "TEA" or "ATE"). By following this process, longer words become easier to solve.

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